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Slashing and mowing video transcript

In this video we’re going to show you how to treat large areas of herbs and grasses using slashing and mowing. It works by breaking the flowering and seeding cycle. Over time this is going to reduce overall size of the infestation so you can use another control method.

Don't slash or mow when the plants are wet as seed will stick to you and your equipment only leading to further spread.

You can use a mower, a brushcutter or a whippersnipper for this technique.

Remember personal safety is important. Starting with your face shield, ear protection, long sleeved shirt, gloves, long pants, covered shoes and shin guards.  Read the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use of your equipment.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions for proper operation of your equipment. Slash and mow as low as you can to  retard the plant’s growth. The technique is most effective on grasses and annual weeds. Avoid using it on perennials, like cobblers pegs for example because it could cause them to actually flower sooner and at much lower heights than normal.

To finish off your fine work, clean down your equipment to stop the seed from spreading next time you use your equipment. Always clean down in the same place and avoid storm water drains and waterways. Try to use the same area every time and monitor it so that you can treat anything that comes up. Target those hard to get at areas with a hose or with a brush.

This video is only one of several weed control methods available. To see the remaining methods, head to Brisbane City Council’s website.

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