Complete removal

Cut and remove (complete removal) is suitable for small numbers of annual and perennial plants in their early growth stages, before they produce seed or fruit.

Before you start ensure:

  • you have the right safety equipment
  • the weather conditions are good, that is, a sunny day
  • all pets and children are safely away from the treatment area

The equipment you will need is:

  • hat, gloves, safety eyewear, long-sleeved shirt, long pants, covered footwear
  • hoe, garden fork, mattock, weeding fork or shovel

Weed lifting

Perennials (plants that germinate and seed through many years) should have their major root structures lifted out entirely to prevent re-shooting.

Using a shovel, weeding fork, mattock or garden fork, loosen the dirt surrounding the plant's roots or underground structures (bulbs, corns, tubers, rhizomes, etc).

Carefully pry the plant out of the ground using the tool as a lever to help lift the whole plant out of the ground.

Weed chipping

Annual species (plants that germinate and seed within 12 months) can be chipped using a chipping hoe to sever the stem from the roots below the crown of the plant. Ensure that this takes place before the production of flowers, fruit and seed.

Plant disposal

Be sure to remove all of the root structure including any corms, tubers, bulbs or rhizomes.

Remove any dirt from the plant's root structures.

All plant material should be hung up or placed on concrete to dry, as leaving plants on the ground can lead to them re-shooting.

Place the weeds in your green waste bin or a garbage bag and then dump in the general waste bin. Do not put them in the compost as the vegetative material can remain viable and you could end up spreading the weeds in your garden.

Clean up

Brush all soil off any tools used with a wire brush. Remove any seeds on clothing, paying attention to the soles of boots, socks and shoelaces.

Wipe down tools with some oil or lubricant to prevent rusting.

More information

For more information send an email to the Invasive species team.