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Restoration and revegetation in Brisbane

The South East Queensland (SEQ) Ecological Restoration Framework provides a regional standard for undertaking restoration projects, both large and small. The framework applies to developers, community groups, people with covenants on their land to undertake restoration works, and private landholders looking at undertaking revegetation.

Ecological restoration projects delivered under the framework will:

  • conserve and enhance biodiversity through increasing the extent and improving the condition of native vegetation
  • ensure long-term environmental and economic sustainability
  • ensure ongoing improvement and maintenance of ecosystem services

The framework comprises three key documents to guide delivery of vegetation/ecological works:

  • SEQERF Code of Practice - a policy document providing a head of power for the subsequent Guidelines and Manual. The Code of Practice reflects the SEQ policy environments where it is to be housed
  • SEQERF Guidelines - a decision making tool to guide users to the most appropriate course of action in their project. This document guides application of the policy and links to current best practice and examples demonstrated in the manual element
  • SEQERF Manual - a technical but easy to use guide to all aspects of ecological restoration. This document is reflect of current best practice, and provides the minimum acceptable solutions to ecological restoration

These documents and more information can be found on the South East Queensland Catchments website.

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