Weed Classification

Brisbane City Council divides noxious and environmental weeds into three classes:

Council recommends three ways to deal with the different classes of weeds.

Class E weeds - early detection and eradication

These species could cause severe damage if they become established in Brisbane. You can: 

  1. Regularly check your property to detect any early infestations.
  2. Immediately remove the infestation. 
  3. Monitor growth. 

Class C weeds - containment and reduction

These species are well established in Brisbane and eradication is not a viable option. When getting rid of these weeds, work from the top of a catchment downstream. If there is a large area of weeds, work from the outside of the infestation inwards.

Try to prevent the weeds from spreading further and reduce the size of the infestation by:

  1. Removing the parent plant or source of infestation.
  2. Preventing seeding by using the appropriate control method for the species (often not effective with large trees) and schedule for the earliest possible removal.
  3. Removing any surrounding infestation while small. 

Class R weeds - reduce population as part of routine maintenance

These species are well established across Brisbane, are a moderate threat and eradication is not a viable option.

You can look out for infestations and plan for their removal during routine maintenance.

More information

You can read more about the Brisbane Invasive Species Management Plan.