Controlling Weeds

Brisbane City Council offers advice on getting rid of weeds on your property. The following information provides several different methods of weed control you can use depending on the types of weeds on your land. However, you should check with Council before you start to ensure you don’t have protected vegetation on your property.

Your property may have protected vegetation if it:

  • is located near or in the Brisbane River or a waterway corridor
  • is located in a bushland area or rural area
  • contains large trees, even in an urban area
  • has heritage values

Weed control activities must not impact on adjacent protected vegetation, cause soil erosion or siltation of waterways.

A notice requiring the removal of weeds does not allow you to clear other protected vegetation.

If you are not sure what vegetation is protected on your land, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

Find out more information about protected vegetation and how to apply for a permit.

Control methods

Slashing and mowing

Used for removing large areas of unwanted herbs and grasses that are not currently seeding.

Stem scraping

Used on unwanted small shrubs and vines with thin, relatively soft bark. Scrape one side of the stem to expose the growing layer. Within 15 seconds apply herbicide to the scrape.

Cut stump method

Suitable for unwanted small shrubs, large trees, woody plants and vines without aerial tubers. Cut completely through the stems or trunk and apply herbicide within 15 seconds.

Stem injection

Used on unwanted trees with a diameter of more than 10 centimetres. Make horizontal cuts around the trunk and apply herbicide within 15 seconds.

Basal bark treatment

Suitable for unwanted thin-barked woody weeds and trees. The stem or trunk must be sprayed with herbicide from ground level to a height of 30 centimetres.

Foliar spray

Used on unwanted shrubs, grasses and dense vines. Spray individual and small clumps of weeds with diluted herbicide.

Complete removal

This technique is used for unwanted plants which regrow from bulbs, tubers or other plant parts, such as runners. Remove all plant parts by hand pulling.

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